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With a mildly crazed mind, I planned to extend my evil claws towards a greater crowd and kickstart a makeup frenzy, I have set-up my little virtual booth which compliments my Beauty Blog and YouTube Channel in captivating more makeup junkies and newbies!

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If you are looking for a personal makeup artist for your dinner & dance, company events, dates or to attend a loved one's wedding occasion, book my services now!

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FS'☆Makeup Stöp Services Listing


1. Personal Makeover - Simple @SGD30.00 [60mins]

Get a personal makeover and explore a different style of makeup which brings out the best in you!

Suitable for those who are totally new to makeup who wish explore a style suitable for day-to-day wear e.g. attending school (tertiary), for work, for dates / formal events.

2. Personal/Group Makeup (Customised) @SGD50.00 [90mins]
Mildly complex looks as specified by Client(s), Fees quoted may be higher than listed price. 
Note: Quoted price will include accessories required, exclude hair styling. Group booking may be capped at max. 5 if time allocated is insufficient or style requested is too complicated.

3. D&D Personal Makeover (Themed) @SGD90.00 [90mins]
Having that special theme for dinner and dance but not sure how to go about it? Fret not, let the expert do it for you!
Note: Service provided does not include props nor special effects makeup, accessories nor hairstyle.

4. Cosplay Makeup @SGD180.00 [150mins]

Attending a Cosplay event and you really need that Anime style / Exaggerated makeup to complete the look?

Book an appointment now!

Note: If pre-event style "recce" is required, book a separate appointment at a discounted price.

5. Cosplay Makeup Trial / "Fitting" @SGD100.00 [120mins]
For clients who wish to have a pre-event "fitting" for the cosplay makeup that they have booked. 
Note: This has to be booked together with the cosplay makeup session, subject to my availability.

1. Be my own makeup artist - Basic @SGD40.00 [120mins]
Master a makeup style that brings out the best in you!
Know these & learn how to do it for yourself:
- Foundations / BB Creams
- Brows shaping / trimming
- Natural Eyes, Lips & Cheeks makeup
- Makeup Tools

2. Group Makeup Exploration (3 pax) @SGD150.00/Class [180mins]
Hang out with your friends and explore different makeup styles together! Learn the basics of doing it yourself in a cozy group. Topics covered similar to personal session. Customisation per request is possible. To chat with me in advance.
Note: Price quoted is for each class.

3. Cosplay Makeup Exploration 1-on-1 @SGD200.00 [180mins]
Want to learn the tips and tricks for doing your own makeup for cosplay? Watching videos online just does not work for you?

Let me guide you through!
Topics covered:
- Types of makeup & tools
- Achieving that Anime/Character's look with makeup 
- Tips & tricks
- Making it last

My portfolio album / vanitee portfolio and you can follow me on my Facebook Page on all beauty and makeup news, looks and tutorials!

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